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Special Vehicles

Fire Engines Ambulances

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Special Vehicles

Lawnmowers, Ground care equipment

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Special Vehicles

Road Sweepers Refuse Vehicles

I have used the term special vehicles to try and show that we have worked on quite a wide range of  out of the ordinary, intresting or basically vehicles where you would not normally give it a second thought as to wether it has air conditioning on.


The carmichael air port crash tender has air conditioning fitted to cope with the extreme weather conditions in many of the countries airports around the world.  Typically they would be fitted with twin evaporators and condensers with the compressor mounted on the rear mounted two stroke Detroit Diesel engine. Some times a single evaporator would be fitted with purpose built condensate drain tray with large drain tubes to deal with the high humidity conditions in countries such as Hong Kong.


Grounds machinery such as triple gang mowers sometimes have air conditioning fitted to combat those long crazy hot summers that we constantly  have to cope with year after year!!   One such mower that I was asked to take a look at had a/c fitted and had never worked efficiently since new, it soon became apparent that who ever had installed it had connected the receiver drier pipes incorrectly causing many days of discomfort for the operator.


Road sweepers can have air conditioning fitted and I would say that this type of vehicle is one of  the most compact vehicle to work on with space at a premium, one such vehicle hired out to the local health authority developed a fault which I was asked to take a look at, it turned out to have an electrical fault caused simply by its own working enviroment of water and dust.


In todays working enviroment more and more end users of these types of machinery are requesting air conditioning and efficient air filtration systems to, in some case's comply with health and safety regulations when working in hazardous enviroments or, more often when working in dusty and dirty conditions to ensure the safety of their employee's. Not only can efficient a/c and filtration systems safe gaurd personell against direct hazardous conditions they can enhance concentration levels when operating machinery by reducing driver/operator fatigue.


If you have requirements for an air conditioning system with superior air filtration please contact us for a quotation.