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Agricultural and Plant

 Arctic Air conditioning carry out diagnostics, repairs, service and installation to agricultural vehicles and equipment including: tractors, sprayers, combines, plant equipment including: loading shovels, power graders, dump trucks and excavators.


This type of equipment needs a certain type of engineer to be able to diagnose and repair air conditioning faults due to the nature of the equipment and their working enviroments, an agricultural / plant engineer is the best choice or certainly an air conditioning engineer with a lot of experience in this field and you can rest assured  Arctic Automotive have all the necessary experience and are well qualified in this area.


Particular attention needs to be payed to the cleanliness of the heat exchangers and any cab filtration systems.  If your vehicles cab does not have an air filtration system or the existing one  has seen better days then please contact us to discuss your options.   It is ever more important to protect the operators of these machines from the potentially hazardous enviroments that they work in ensuring operator Health and Safety and your obligations as an employer.


Arctic Automotive Air Conditioning can supply and install a cab fresh air and recirculated air filtration overpressure system designed to maintain a positive cab pressure helping keep out harmfull dusts such as asbestos , bio aerosols, pesticides from sprayers and odours when working in hazardous environments such as refuse tips, recycling plants, and construction sites.

The indoor air quality inside the small cab has always been an important issue and as an employer you must do as much as you can to protect machine operatives to the best of your ability to enhance occupational health of your employees which in turn will increase productivity through less absence sick  related days off, it will also help with driver alertness  helping to reduce fatigue and possible Health  and Safety related injuries.  Ultimately your employee's will be far happier at work when breathing clean fresh air  knowing that you have their welfare intrest's as a priority.


This would be a mobile service carried out on site due to the nature and size of the equipment.


We can also supply and install reversing cameras to your equipment making the daily operation of these cumbersome machines so much safer.



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.