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 The operator of any machine or piece of equipment that is working in an environment subject to harmfull dust's , gases or pesticides can be at risk of breathing in particulate matter or gases capable of causing serious life threatening or occupational respiratory debilitating illnesse's over the shortest of exposure times.




Imagin the real !!  daily scenario for operators of equipment all over the world who unknowingly clock in for work to operate their machines for a full eight hour or longer shift and for some who even sit in their cab's to eat their dinner without washing their hands oblivious to the dangers of the dusts gases and pesticides that are being ingested or breathed in, and once inside the body  that's where they stay untill one day after a trip to the doctor with complaints not associated directly with your daily job of the last 20 years or so they drop the bomb shell on you that you are seriously ill and could possibly die from somthing that was completely preventable through  good old Health and Safety at work  education !!!


If you can imagine for a short while;   sitting in a very small cab smaller than the inside of your car  and allowing these harmfull substances inside the cab, it is absolutely inevitable that they will enter the body of the operator. After all,   even  your cars ventilation system is equipped with some kind of pollen filter to protect the occupants inside against the contaminated air drawn inside the vehicle and that's just driving down the road !!

Take a look at the photo on my  cars air conditioning  tab  to see the difference between a new and used pollen filter to see how much rubbish our respiratory system is subjected to just sitting inside our nice clean car !!


On the practical side of things,  the amounts of  harmful dust  and gases allowed to enter the cab's of machinery not only find's its way into the operators lungs, it can also cause damage to  expensive electronic modules, Ammonia gas can cause devistating corrosion to  copper wires and connections deep inside the cabs wiring looms and electronic modules.


There are Some industries all ready aware of these dangers and make efforts to implement changes to protect the operators of equipment working in areas subject to  harmful substances,  the regulations for protecting personel  is covered by the Health and Safety at work act 1974  under  (COSHH)  The control of substances harmful to health,  unfortunately there are some employers who DO know about these problems and  DON'T  take steps to protect themselves  or their employee's  against the perils of working in these environments.


  ARCTIC  AIR  is striving to make companies and industries aware of the dangers of personel working in hazardous environments and will be pleased to take any enquiries in this area.  We specialise in the installation of ARCTIC AIR  CLEAN AIR FILTRATION OVER PRESSURE SAFETY SYSTEMS for complete operator protection.


Morally  and legally this is the right way forward  and it may just avoid heafty fines,   £100,000-00  (being the average)   if found to be negligent. 


Remember prevention is better than cure and go home HEALTHY.



            There are many different types of hazardous dusts with the more

            known ones such as Asbestos and  crystalline silica seen to be the    

            most dangerous.

            This is true, mainly because of the devistating effects to your  health

            when exposed to even the smallest  levels of the contamination.


           However it is my opinion that  absolutely all dusts  in the air are

           harmfull, except that it will take much higher exposure limits to

           cause harm to your health.


          A recent study and research by the institution of Occupational Safety  

          and Health (IOSH) suggests that in Britain nearly  800 people die each

          year from specifically  breathing in Silica dust at work.

          In the European union  around 7,000 cases of lung cancer are caused

          by this carcinogen anually.

          It is also estimated that millions of workers world wide are exposed 

         to Silica dust.


        This doesn't have to be the case.


       Contact us at Arctic Air for the solution.




















































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This is the LAST situation you want to find yourself in.

Looking at an x ray of your own diseased lungs!!