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Parking Heaters

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Heating Systems

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Air & water & Pre Heaters

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Marine Air & Water Heating

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Motorhome Heating

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Marine Heating

Service & repair

Car parking heaters used to heat up the vehicles interior prior to the start of your journey, activated by either key fob remote control, timer or mobile phone text messaging. This system will heat up the water in your cooling system and put the ventilation fans on, warming up the vehicle interior on those icy mornings. Some of the benefits are obvious and others not so obvious.

The car will be nice and warm, no ice on the windscreen making your early morning start a million times safer not having to peer out through a partially cleared windscreen. The engine coolant and engine is also at a high temperature making the damage that a cold start causes a thing of the past. Fuel economy is also helped during those short trips as the engine is all ready close to its working temperature before you turn the key.


Hot shot windscreen water heater designed to heat the water fluid to a temperature of 65oC and spray it onto the windscreenmaking cleaning of your windscreen a sinch!!



This police Dog van is equipped with Eberspacher air conditioning and heating to keep the dogs comfy.

All heaters need routine servicing as illustrated by the fuel screen photo far right.