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The Arctic Air  hazardous Air filtration over pressure system is produced to a very high quality, manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel  and powder coated for maximum durability. Complete with CCU (cabin control unit) to monitor and regulate cabin air pressure and filter status alarming the operator of any abnormalities.

The system will start automatically when the engine is started with the option to manually shut the system down if the machine is being operated outside of the hazardous area so as to prolong the filter life.

There is no operator intervention required to operate  the Arctic Air protection system ensuring the operator's concentration is fully engaged with the task in hand.

The alarm status of low or high over pressure will be shown visually and an audible alarm sounded to alert the  operator, or if a filter has not been fitted the system will shut down and again be shown to the operator on the Cabin Control Unit so the fault can be investigated ensuring the operator is protected at all times.



All Arctic Air hazardous Air filtration overpressure protection safety systems are  ATEX certified for use in Zone 22  applications where dust hazard  explosion is present , coupled with super high quality filters and superior build quality makes it the number one choice for industries.




The  AA3 filtration over pressure unit is ideal for commercial vehicles, fork trucks, rough terrain fork trucks,self propelled sprayers and many more vehicles  offering  all the benefits of the larger capacity systems with a combination of particulate and  activated carbon filters.


 Dimensions.          Length  700mm.    Width   740mm.   Height  230mm.


Filter package.        Length  595mm.    Width  395 mm.  Height  150mm.


The filtration system is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel with a tough  fibre glass cover held in place by self aligning pegs and quick fitting hand bolts.


It weighs  36kg without filters   and  49kg  with filters.



Fully controlled with the Cabin overpressure Control Unit  and upgradable for gas detection with the gas sensor model.


A range of air out let difusers are available for Daf, Man, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Iveco and Volvo trucks.





The AA4 filtration overpressure system has a larger  filter capacity  for larger cabin area's.


Dimensions.       Length  950mm       Width  415mm      Height  400mm


Filter Package    Length  595mm       Width  395mm     Height   250mm


Weight without filters   40KG       Weight with filters  57KG


Made from 304 grade stainless steel and powder coated for maximum protection against the harshest of environments.

Supplied with quick change frame making it possible to swap the filtration system onto different vehicle's in your fleet  in a matter of minutes  providing you have a mounting frame fitted to that vehicle also.















The AA5 cab pressuriser  as you can see is very simillar to the AA4 only with a smaller foot print and lower height for applications where mounting space is limited especially on the roof of cabs.

The filtration capacity is slightly lower than the AA4



Dimensions         Length  750mm      Width  515mm     Height  265mm


Filter Package    Length  495mm    Width  395mm    Height  160mm


Weight without filters  37 KG            Weight with filters   52KG


Supplied with stainless steel Quick change frame.














The AA6 cab positive pressure system has the largest filter area of the models so far and is low profile for use on the cab roof.



Dimensions         Length   950mm   Width  615mm   Height  265mm


Filter Package     Length  595mm    Width  595mm   Height   160mm 



Weight without filters   40KG            Weight with filters     62KG



Supplied with stainless steel quick change frame.











The AA7  Cab clean air filtration overpressure protection system is the largest capacity system in the range designed to tackle the most hazardous of situations.




Dimensions        Length  950mm     Width  615mm     Height  400mm



Filter Package    Length  595mm   Width  595mm    Height  250mm


Weight without filters    45KG         Weight with filters    69KG


Supplied with stainless steel quick change frame.















This P1 particulate pre filter was removed from a system during it's three monthly service, and as you can see from the amount of dust in the filter, the machine is operating in the the most extreme of dusty environments.


This dust would otherwise be drawn into the machines standard ventilation system overloading it's filters in a matter of minutes, and without internal pressurisation the dust would also find it's way into the cab through the door seals , windows, pipe and cable grommets e.t.c.


Once inside the cab the operator would be breathing in this deadly dust,gases and vapours if present all the time they are operating the machine in the hazardous environment and even when it is being operated out side of the danger zone they would still be breathing it in because it will be every where inside the cab.
























This picture shows the reverse side of the P1 particulate pre filter and how  effective it is in stopping the dust from passing through.


When the air has passed through this pre filter it  then has to pass through a much more efficient P3 Hepa filter which is 99.99% efficient at filtering particles down to   .3  of a micron.

The now clean air is pressurised into the cab supplying the operator with clean oxygenated air for the duration of his/her shift happy in the knowledge that they are not breathing in contaminated air and slowly being killed by it or being subjected to a life debilitating lung disease.


The result is a happy work force taking less sick days off and being more productive knowing that their employer has taken all possible steps to protect them against dangers of breathing in harmful dusts and vapours.

The employer can also sleep sound knowing that they have taken all steps to protect their work force  and also  eliminating  possible costly claims against them for negligence.











There are many industries carrying out hundreds of different processes where the operators of mobile plant equipment are exposed  to extremely harmful gases .


All to often the operators of equipment working in hazardous environments are left to operate  with only the  basic Personal protective equipment !!   


The hazardous dusts and dangerous gases outside the cab will  inevitably find their way inside and stay there for the duration of the operators shift  being breathed in  causing ill health or death .


Ammonia gas  can cause serious corrosion of the vehicle's electrical system causing expensive repair bills not to mention the inconvenience of the vehicle being out of action which could cause major disruption to the plants running and production.


This loading shovel is operating in high levels of  Ammonia gas  and will  be fitted with our largest  Over pressure system  allowing the fitment  of our largest  activated charcoal filter  and high efficency particulate filters  for complete protection and peace of mind  for the operator.



Our activated carbon filters are very high quality as you would expect  them to be when protecting the health of the operator, this ensures  the filter is efficient right up to the end of it's life.

Dependant on the size of the system and filter selected,  you could have a filter fitted with up to  24 kgs of  activated carbon.


The picture below shows the size of  an activated carbon filter against the size of a typical  standard cab filter as fitted to all machines, the size of the standard filter is totally inadequate  for the filtration of excessive harmfull dusts and gases.





Solid steel construction to withstand the vigorous operation conditions on construction equipment. During production of the filter the activated carbon is shaken and compacted into it's case to ensure there are no gaps for the dangerous gases to by pass the carbon.


This picture compares the size of the Arctic Air granulated activated carbon filter with a standard replacement filter that is typically fitted to machines.


There is nothing else to be said.   Other than if I were to be operating a machine in a hazardous environment I know which filter I would want for protection.











    New Arctic Air Hazardous dust and Gases cab filtration overpressure safety system. 


    The Arctic Air AA8 has a smaller filtration capacity and is ideal for machinery that has 

     limited space for installation with it's smaller footprint.


    The AA8 has all the features of the AA3, AA4, AA5, AA6 and AA7 complete with 

    the same extremely high build quality. Fitted with a combination Pre filter and 

     Hepa filter with the option to install a granulated activated carbon filter 

     for complete operator protection against hazardous dusts, gases and vapours.

    Made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel and powder coated for maximum 

    durability over the lifetime of the machine.


     Dimensions.            Width 370 mm.             Depth 370 mm.

     Height  with combination P1 Pre and P3  Hepa filter  fitted            470 mm

     Height  with  combination and  granulated carbon filters fitted   635 mm.



     Weight without filters                                                                                            26 KG

     Weight with combination filter fitted.                                                          28 KG

     Weight with combination and granulated carbon filters fitted.    38 KG





















This is the C.C.U. (Cabin Control Unit) responsible for the monitoring and control of the over pressure inside the cabin.

Audible and visual alarm's are standard with this C.C.U. to alert the operator of under or over pressurisation and  correct filter fitment.

In the case of  machine's operating in environments subject to  harmful gases our C.C.U. can be equiped with gas detection monitors.



This picture shows the C.C.U. with the, (ERROR- filter not detected  display), which will alert the operator emmediately, enabling  rectification before the vehicle is set to work.










This is a selection of high quality industry standard   PRE (P1) ,  HEPA P3  and activated carbon  filters.

All filters are fitted with high quality seals for maximum sealing efficiency.


There are a wide range of activated carbon filters differing in size and types of activated carbon depending on the type of gas you are protecting the operators against.

These filters are high quality and must not be compared to lower quality carbon filters where the filter paper is impregnated with a small amount of carbon.

Our filters , as an example are  595mm x 595mm x 100mm and contain  14 , 18 or 24 kgs of activated carbon !!

You can also fit more than one of these filters if the gas  pollution level is excessively high and still have room to install a particulate filter ensuring complete protection.