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5 bedroom/5 bathroom villa with 2 pools in south west Turkey


We have this lovely villa located in south west Turkey situated in a slightly elevated location which is totally unique and the envy of all the locals.

The panoramic views are simply stunning from the mountains all the way over to the sea.


Please visit our own personal web site for more information  and pictures,  click on this link





















This is a semi automatic electric motor as used on the voyager G3 Digimatic and can also be used to convert the manual crank up type voyager systems.When operating the 12volt driven motor with the rocker switch located on the end of the motor it has a function which allows you to remove your finger from the switch where by the satellite dish will continue to raise to it's last setting.

This elliminates the need to operate the switch in what can be quite confined spaces, it also elliminates the need to set the dish to the correct elevation providing you are still in the same geographic location.


 This comes as a kit ready to convert your system  at a cost of    £160-00