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Automotive Air Conditioning

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Artic Air conditioning has over 30 years experience in servicing, repairs and installations on all types of mobile applications with a large percentage of work being undertaken on car systems ranging from small Nissan Micras up to Rolls Royce.


We are now carrying out repairs , service and recharging air conditioning systems which contain the latest R1234YF refrigerant.


We don't just recharge the air conditioning system and leave you to sort out missed leaks like some so called air conditioning specialists

We will carry out the complete job from diagnosis to repair and installations (subject to availability) assuring our customers of complete satisfaction and reassurance that their car is being professionally repaired.

We start with a high pressure test with oxygen free nitrogen evacuation then recharge and check the system for correct functionality and system performance.

R1234YF refrigerant is now being used in all new 2013 model  cars, and currently costs around £220-00 per kilo making it an absolute necessity to ensure the air conditioning system is 100% leak free before recharging the system.

Occasionally a customer will report strange smells from their air conditioning system which we can take care of during the service. An increasing and very important part of the maintenance of your vehicle's a/c system is to periodically check the system refrigerant charge, failiure to do this can leave the air conditioning system running at a dangerously low level resulting in inadequate oil return to the very expensive compressor which can eventually cause it to sieze.  

The cleaning of heat exchangers and the replacement of pollen filters with good quality products and the fitment of activated carbon filters when available. This type of maintenance can have a positive effect on the fuel economy of your car when using the air conditioning system and prolong the life of the air conditioning systems expensive components.


We dont just work on the modern car models, a lot of customers contact us to carry out work on older cars and classic cars where they need some  TLC to diagnose leaks, source and  replace the components which can be difficult to remove due to rusted and siezed fixings and pipe joints and in some cases we have had to modify a receiver drier from one car to fit another where it has been made obsolete, namely a Ford Probe.


We have also designed, made and installed a/c systems to a variety of vehicles my favourite one being a 1968 Ferrari 365 GTS as shown on this web page, where from scratch  the system was designed to fit into this car which never had a/c installed from the factory. The evaporator and fan assembly was all hand made,  the condenser and compressor was selected from the thousands available and then made to fit into the compact body work and finally the system was piped in and electrical looms made all bespoke to the car.

So if you have an old  or new car   pick the phone up and give us a try and tap into over 30 years experience.






This picture shows a some pollen filters that were removed from their respective air conditioning systems.

The picture say's it all !!!!!

Using your ventilation system with filters like these will effect the efficiency of your a/c system so much that it will probably never reach its temperature set point making it work constantly, using more fuel, allow dirt onto the evaporator  causing corrosion and eventually a leak in the most in accessible a/c system component on the car. It can cause bad smells and make an ideal breading ground for bacteria , severely effect the indoor air quality for the occupants contributing to azma e.t.c.


Not wanting to scare you too much, but I have reports on two mechanics that were changing pollen filters on a Jaguar who both contracted Pneumonia as a direct result of breathing in the deposits of the filters.

I could go on and on, but in a nut shell,

Have the pollen filter changed regularly with a good Quality brand, if you need to discuss this topic please contact us where we can give you a price for replacing  yours.





















This picture shows a comparison between a dirty filter and the new replacement one.

Where a good quality carbon filter is available we would advise the customer to fit this type in order to give the best odour and particulate filtration results possible.









For those of you who do not know what this component is.


It is a receiver drier which is the filter for your air conditioning system which deals with filtering any particulate matter out and just as important  MOISTURE!!!!!!

The receiver drier can be fitted out of site as this one is on an eight series B.M.W. and as such is out of site and out of mind for many garages and owners alike, however this component is very important and should not be over looked when carrying out any repairs. If they are left for too long before being changed  they can become saturated and break down causing all sorts of problems not to mention suffering from external corrosion as this one has.


I removed this filter as the cause of a leak that this 8 series B.M.W. had, it was leaking so badly that the pressure testing gas was leaking out faster than I could put it in,  well looking at the state of it I can here you say it's obvious,  well not so for the tyre establishment that had several attempts at recharging the air conditioning system and then finally gave up.



Pressure testing an air conditioning system is for me the most important starting point in diagnosing faults and so I will finish by saying,


if your discussing the finer points of your cars air conditioning system with a friend and the term regassing is brought into the conversation ask yourself   WHY !!






































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